procedure to apply dsc SIFY


Procedure to apply DSC via Sify

  1. Download offline EKYC zip file by login to
  2. Remember the share code of the zip file
  3. Click here to start applying DSC
  4. Enter the Registration Number which was sent you on Email and click validate
Watch this video to know how to apply digital signature.

  1. If you already having an Ekyc account with sify thant click Yes, I have else Creat new Ekyc account
  2. Select Register using Aadhaar
  3. Click Upload Aadhaary Ekyc and select the zip file which was downloaded from the link
  4. Enter your share code which was given by you while downloading offline kyc zip file
  5. Enter your mobile number which is linked with Aadhaar
  6. Enter Email Address. Verify it via otp if it is not linked with Aadhaar
  7. Enter your pan card No.
  8. In user name field enter your pan card no. & password as “123456” to easily remember
  9. Sigh Agreement by entering PIN & OTP
  10. Click on save
  11. Enter challenge code here. Challenge code will be required to download the dsc. Ex. ABCD@123
  12. if you want to apply for encryption also (Combo) select option yes and paste the encryption registration no. here and click VALIDATE.
  13. Now click on Download later..

Process of video recording/ video verification.

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