Traces emsigner utility and java version


How to resolve “Error in establishing connection with TRACES Websocket Esigner” on TRACES?

You might be facing issues with the Emsigner on TRACES, In this article I made an attempt to give 100% solution for this issue.

The most common error while signing/validating with DSC on TRACES is

“Error in establishing connection with TRACES WebSocket Esigner. Please ensure that WebSigner Setup is installed and service is running on your machine and there are no proxies enabled on the browser while doing DSC activities”

Steps to resolve this error:

1. First, Un-install the existing Java Utility, Emsigner (including MCA, GST) that was installed on your PC and start

from the Scratch.

2. Install Java ver 7 update 67 & Traces Websocket esigner ver 2.0 from this link important-downloads

3. If it ask to update to latest version of java, Do not allow to update it.

4. Restart your pc the problem will be resolved.

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